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When Brooke approached me about this project, I was immediately intrigued and nervous. As a social worker in the mental health field, I often refer my clients to the food bank – I fax in the referral, arrange the delivery and then I wash my hands of it. I don’t ask my clients how their experience was, I just make sure that they did in fact receive the food. I don’t ask them “How was the hamper? How was your experience with consuming the food that was given to you? Did you like the food? Are you still hungry?”, though I probably should. I knew I wanted to do the challenge, but I was a little nervous about what Tim would say about it, as he (no offense, darling) can be kind of a food snob. I was relieved when Tim, who is a guest  services manager at a downtown hotel, immediately agreed to partake in the challenge.

To give you an idea of what our current eating habits are, we usually spend between $100 – $120 every 8 days or so and are very consistent with our grocery shopping. Tim watches “Chef at Home” (we love chef Michael Smith) everyday and gets lots of ideas for our meals – though he refuses to use a recipe. We do not eat organic but do eat a lot of homemade foods – anything from bread, to salad dressings, to hamburgers, pasta, etc. I think it will be hard for Tim not to have the freedom to create his meals and to have to depend solely on what is in the hamper. As I often work on the road I am so, so guilty of grabbing a wrap or getting quick pho for lunch, which will be a hard, yet good, habit to kick to the curb.

To answer the question ‘what is your goal for this experience?’, I guess I want to walk a mile week in the shoes of the people that I work with, and I am hoping it will open both myself and Tim’s eyes to what it would be like to rely on somebody else for our nutrition – to take that power out of our own hands and place it in a non-profit agency that depends on donations. I have both colleagues and friends who have admitted to accessing the Calgary Food Bank in the past,  some of whom speak very highly of their experience and some who have scoffed at the bags of canned food they received. I am nervous to see what will come in our hamper and I am excited to see what Tim and I will be able to do with it – Tim happens to be an amazing and imaginative chef, which I think will work to our advantage in this challenge. I hope that together we can help to inspire people to donate to the Calgary Food Bank and open your eyes to what it would be like to access a food bank (you never know, it could happen to you).


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