And so it begins for Tim and Leah …

June 1, 2010 at 2:02 pm Leave a comment

We’re back from the Food Bank and out groceries are put away. Our diets this week will be drastically different from what they normally are (we are meat-loving farmers and the only meat we got was hot dogs), but overall we are pleased with the amazing amount of food in our emergency food hamper. Our experience at the Food Bank was overall calm and pleasant.

We got to the food bank and were directed by a friendly volunteer to go speak with Joan, the manager – we had to register because we hadn’t called ahead. Joan walked us through the registration process and we had to give her 2 pieces of ID, our income and why we were accessing the Food Bank that day. (Tim and I had recently lost a family member and due to the high cost of the funeral money was tight that month.) One thing we were surprised about was that it didn’t ask for any proof of what we told them – I guess the Food Bank runs on the honour system.  Then we waited in a short line to receive our food. I was impressed with the sheer amount of food that we received – way more than we would have purchased for ourselves for one week. There were also some items that were labeled “help yourself” – things like baby formula and bread/buns.

As we put our groceries away we took photos of what we got, so you have a good visual idea of what we will be eating this week.

Unloading the cart:

Canned food:

Fruits and Vegetables:

Pastas, Grains & Cereals:





And that, my friends, is what we will be eating for the week! Tim’s already concocted up some delicious looking meals which I will post later today. It looks like everybody has already made lots of delicious meals with their hampers – what great ideas!


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