Dave — breakfast Day 1

June 1, 2010 at 10:53 am Leave a comment

Breakfast was easy this morning. A danish and a glass of juice for me and a bottle of strawberry “complete meal replacement” drink for my roommate (I also had granola bar when I got to my desk at work). That’s actually pretty standard for me so I didn’t notice a change. I’ve never been a big on breakfast, I like to sleep for an 15 minutes or so instead, and usually just grab a piece of fruit or an energy bar as I’m heading out the door. Lunches, however, will be a different story. No Chinese takeaway for me this week and the soup and sandwiches in the cafeteria upstairs are off limits.

Instead, I brought bubblegum flavoured pudding, chocolate chip cookies and some baby carrots with me today. I was going to throw a tuna sandwich in there too, but realized there wasn’t time this morning and will have to go without (although the extra 15 minutes of sleep was worth it). One thing I’m quickly learning is I’m going to have to be a lot more organized when it comes to meals this week. Instead of just seeing what’s in the fridge and putting something together when I get hungry I’m going to have to think ahead and do a better job of planning.


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