so what’s for dinner?

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First a little bit about today .  . .I had the pleasure of spending the morning with some great partners who made some amazing donation pledges (Husky, Telus), students who truly did inspire me to imagine a community in which they are our leaders (Western Canada High School) and volunteers who showed an amazing capacity to help out wherever they are needed and then some (even if it means 5 mornings in a row of the 7 am volunteer shift accepting donations at Husky – really,” thank-you Shari” isn’t even close to covering it).

Hamper pick up probably wasn’t a fully honest experience for me – I know these volunteers, they know me and they know that when I picked up my hamper today it was out of a choice I had made, not a necessity. I’m fortunate that this experience is a choice but even if it wasn’t I do think they would still have made the experience as informative and pleasant as possible. In terms of the clients who were there today the experience felt a little bit dishonest. I’m not truly in the same situation as they are; I have compassion and empathy and I am participating to gain a better appreciation of the challenges our clients face, but I cannot say that at the end I will fully understand everything they will go through in a week.

Getting my hamper home was easy in the car I’m fortunate enough to own (even if I forget that sometimes),it would have taken quite a bit more planning if I needed to take transit. It is a lot of food, definitely more than I would buy for myself for a week and quite a few snack items that don’t normally make it onto my list. My hamper has pasta, whole wheat bread and lots of veggies to name just a few things. Not so much fruit, and hot dogs are not necessarily my favourite thing, but I know that the perishable items are donation based, it’s what we have available and vegetables fit the same nutrition guideline as fruit in this case.

After taking a look at everything I feel like I should be able to make some pretty good meals for myself . In fact dinner tonight turned out pretty good I think; with the contents of my hamper I was able to make sautéed green beans with ginger (yes there was ginger root in my hamper – grated with a little bit of the margarine and then sautee the beans it turns out pretty good), a wild rice instant mix and open face hot dog sandwiches (hot dog, BBQ sauce and tomato). As I predicted my partner had the same dinner as I did and I think “this is pretty good” sums it up. It’s true that maybe the items are a little bit mis-matched, but they were donated as a result of someone’s generosity and overall there were some really good food options provided.


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