That’s a lot of food

June 1, 2010 at 2:10 am Leave a comment

The eight-year-old me would have loved what’s in the hamper given to me by the Calgary Interfaith Food Bank. Chocolate chip cookies, granola bars, pudding, juice, candy, hot dogs and Oreos.

The now 34-year-old me found a few things to like, too. Plantains, eggs, oranges, potatoes, milk, a Caesar salad kit and even a few cans of generic ginger ale. (And thankfully, no creamed corn!)

Looking at the week ahead, there’s definitely enough food here to keep my roommate and I fed for the next seven days. But making ‘meals’ out of it all will take some creativity. Without meat, we’re going to have to find protein from another source, and without any pasta, the large can of tomato sauce will have to added to something else.

But each time we’re forced to come up with a new recipe or mix-and-match a few items will be a reminder that there’s a lot of people in this city (and around the world) who have to make tougher choices than that every day.

Dinner tonight: salad with fruit and some juice. Gotta eat the fresh food first!



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