Dave – Day 2

June 2, 2010 at 9:27 am 2 comments

For the record — no matter what any five-year-old tells you, bubble gum-flavoured pudding does not taste good. As one of my co-workers, Jenna, pointed out while I was eating some for lunch, it looks and tastes a lot like the toothpaste dentists give little kids. And it made my tongue go numb. Seriously. A few hours later, bubble gum was all I could taste, which you might think would be a good thing, but it wasn’t.

Other than that, lunch was just OK yesterday, mostly because it didn’t fill me up. For the first time in a while, my stomach was growling when I left work, so I rushed home to cook something up, which turned out to be tough. Some other people taking part in this social experiment have listed creative recipes they’ve come up with, which would be nice to try, if I had the ingredients. But I don’t, so I had to get creative for dinner. One thing I’ve really noticed is we’ve got lots of breakfast options — toast, eggs, milk, cereal, fruit and granola bars — and lots to make a solid lunch — soup, salad or tuna for sandwiches — but not a lot of what would make a traditional dinner. Unless hotdogs is your idea of a traditional dinner.

So I started putting things together and soon had something that resembled a filling evening meal — tomatoes, beans, potatoes and eggplant served over rice, not that bad actually, especially with a little salt and peppers for added flavour.


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  • 1. dinnerwithjulie  |  June 2, 2010 at 10:29 am

    We haven’t touched the bubblegum and cotton candy Jell-O yet. We’re planning to use it as fingerpaints.

  • 2. Erin  |  June 2, 2010 at 10:54 am

    I tried the cotton candy pudding – strange colour, texture and flavour. You are right – this is not food. It might be an “edible foodlike substance” (Pollan), but even that is a stretch.

    I have misgivings about donating something like this back to the Food Bank. I don’t think anyone should eat this, let alone have to eat this.


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