Kristen – day 3

June 3, 2010 at 12:29 am Leave a comment

Breakfast was my cereal and toast . . . somehow I still felt hungry after my bowl of Lucky Charms, not something that I usually feel after my normal Cheerios.

I was quite impressed with the lunch I made for myself, the remainder of the mushroom soup from last night and a tuna sandwich. I mixed my can of tuna with some of the curry sauce (yes sauce and not paste) that was in my hamper and diced tomatoes. I do not like mayonnaise, not at all, even thinking about it makes me squemish and don’t get me started on the smell. So actually mixing it with something like curry sauce seemed like the logical thing to do. I put hummus on my sandwiches instead of butter or mayonnaise, so this was not a stretch for me. I also put in a fruit snack and a couple of blueberry, brown sugar + flax Peek Freans (mmm Peek Freans). Seemed like a pretty good lunch to me.

Dinner was the mac and cheese, I cooked a couple of hot dogs and sliced them, sauteed a green pepper and mixed both of these things into my mac and cheese. And I started my spaghetti sauce in for tomorrow night, my can of tomato sauce, some tomatoes, green peppers and mushrooms that were included in my hamper. I added all my three spices (bay leaves, oregano and chili flakes). I have enough tuna for a sandwich tomorrow for lunch, along with a tomato and a fruit snack and tomorrow is all taken care of.

It sounds like I was pretty lucky with my mixed bag of vegetables; tomatoes, green peppers, mushrooms, green beans, lettuce, plaintains and potatoes. I think pretty standard vegetables. I can add tomatoes, green peppers and mushrooms to pretty much anything and be happy.

I spent some time this evening thinking about the concept of feeling full, satisfied and comfortable (stemming from my experince first thing this morning when I still felt ever so slightly hungry after the bowl of Lucky Charms). Full, satisfied and comfortable – it seems like in general we all strive to achieve our own definition of these things. If someone is full, satisfied and comfortable the assumption would likely be that they would be pretty happy. I think the assumption would be that if anyone of us could have a wish for this world is that we would all  be full, satisfied and comfortable. But given that this is not the case, and when it comes to feeling empowered enough to have a choice, I have considered (and have been challenged by some people who are quite dear and inspiring to me) the choice of being hungry, restless and unsatisfied. Not in the extreme sense of course, but in the sense of taking what is personally achievable in terms of being full, satisfied and comfortable and purposefully deciding to live life outside of this ideal, to have “only” enough and to always keep some edge of hungry, restless and unsatisfied. The arguement being that if we remind ourselves to stay hungry, restless and unsatisfied (but still effective) this is where the true will to be a part of greater positive change for a greater community will come from.


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