Dave — Day 3

June 4, 2010 at 2:00 pm Leave a comment

I normally don’t mind my desk being next to the office microwave. But on Wednesday, it sucked. You see, I left my lunch at home yesterday. Running seriously late, I only had time to grab a bottle of strawberry meal replacement as I rushed out the door, and didn’t make myself a lunch. So with only the small shake to tide me over — which was actually kinda tasty, but at 300 or so calories not nearly enough for an entire day — I had to watch (and smell) as co-worker after co-worker heated up their lunches, while I went without.

The worst part of my day came around 2 p.m., when the office manager walked into the newsroom carrying a tray of sandwiches. Her announcement of “free food!” prompted a stampede of voracious journalists and the platter was picked clean in a a matter of seconds. Unfortunately, as per the rules of this experiment, I couldn’t have one. Food not in the hamper is off limits — even free offerings in the office.

When my work day finally ended at 4 p.m., I raced home and had a snack then got started on dinner — gnocchi in tomato sauce, which is actually easy to make.

I took one can of tomato sauce and one can of diced tomatoes and simmered them together. Then cut up an oyster mushroom and a few button mushrooms and sauteed them with half an eggplant, a green pepper, some salt and pepper and added that to the sauce to simmer. Meanwhile, I cut up and boiled three large potatoes until soft then mashed them up. Once cool, I added two small eggs to the potatoes (you don’t want the eggs to cook so the poatoes need to cool a bit) and started mixing in flour (just under two cups) until it made a dough. (Basically, the flour will thicken the dough and you add it to get the taste and texture you want). I kneeded that for a couple of minutes, then cut it into small balls, rolled them out so they look like snakes (get your kids to help, they’ll learn about cooking and have fun), pressed it with a fork to give some texture for the sauce to stick to, cut them into bite-sized pieces and boiled them once agin until they float. Et Voila, you have gnocchi.

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