Time to catch up – Darren and Jen

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So, when I last left you, it was when Jen was gagging up the ‘beef and broccoli’ concoction I had made.  I liked it – and I took it for lunch the next day – along with a meal replacement drink for a snack.

I think that was Thursday.  Well – a whole lot has gone on since then.

Thursday dinner: This was simple KD.  I may have already mentioned this to y’all, but that was dinner.  Not so bad – it’s normally lunch for us when we have my two boys staying with us, but it certainly sufficed that night.

Friday: Friday is golf day for my dad and I. It’s also the day before my triathlon.  Yes, I knew about the triathlon prior to doing the Week in Their Kitchen.  But, it didn’t matter.

Friday morning I had a bowl of Cheerios and a coffee (I had coffee in my house prior – and that was one of the rules).  But, I knew that my dad would be having stuff on the course, and I had to refrain.  When I got to their house to grab dad for the golf game, he said:  “I have some fresh coffee if you want to fill up.”  Sorry, dad.  Can’t.  Ugh.  Maybe I’m taking this way too seriously.

We get out to the course and he says, “I’m going to get a muffin and a refill on my coffee.  Do you want something?” No Dad.  Ugh.

We get to the turn after hole 9 (I shot a 42 on the front nine) – and he asks – you want to stop for something?  I said, “No, I have my meal replacement drink.  That should tide me over.”  It did.  But, oh how I wanted a nice big egg salad sandwich from the snack shack.

COOKIE UPDATE – By now, you may have heard that cookies are not safe in my house.  Between Jen and I, we’ve crushed the Oreos (1 row left out of two trays), and one bag of chocolate chip cookies is gone.  One left to go.

Once golf was done, I went back home, had a nap, and then had a snack.  Just a piece of bread with some peanut butter.  But, I knew that I’d be going to my son’s recital in Lomond, and that I would have to eat at my parent’s place later.  And also the next morning.  So, I packed up the spaghetti noodles and some of the pasta sauce from the hamper, and the bag of Cheerios.

During my son’s guitar recital in Lomond, of course they have a 10 minute break with all sorts of num-nums.  I just sat in my chair and pouted.  I didn’t eat a thing.

We didn’t get home Friday night until 10 p.m. (NOTE: in this time Jen had to bow out of the experiment for a couple of days as she was coaching in a gymnastics competition in Kelowna) – but I cooked up my pasta at my parents, because I needed to carb load for the big triathlon the next morning.  Pasta was good.  I woulda taken pictures, but… I didn’t.

SATURDAY: So far today I have had a bowl of Cheerios and I had leftover spaghetti – from the hamper.  OK – I you may call this a cheat – but… I had four slices of oranges, two perogies and a small carton of chocolate milk.  For those of you that don’t race, the race committee sets up food for you after the race in order to replenish your body.  So – hamper or no hamper, the free food would have been there for me at the race regardless.  I just didn’t indulge (and put stuff in my murse, and stuff).

So, here we are… another row of chocolate chip cookies and another bowl of cereal later.  It’s Saturday night at 8:50 p.m.  I’ll probably just make some peanut butter and jelly and call it a night.  But, I’ve still got two more days to go, and I’ve got a couple of more ideas on some meals.

Jen gets back tomorrow, so she’ll be back on the program for the final two days.

Until then.



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