Sunday Dinner update

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and Friday and Saturday . . .
long time no post, but with all the last minute details and the actual logistics of the Husky Help the Hungry Week Food Drive at all participating Husky and Mohawk retail locations I’ve been pretty much run off my feet since Friday morning.

I do want to take a moment to thank all the Husky employees who came out to participate in and support the Rock Band Wrap up on Friday and the 70 or so volunteers who braved various sorts of weather throughout the city yesterday to be at the Husky retail locations accepting donations. As Leah mentioned it started off with lightining and rain, then there was a few partially sunny hours, more rain, wind – no snow this year though 🙂
Also thanks to everyone who donated yesterday! It was amazing to see how many people took time out of their day to stop by their local station and how many people made a donation.

Friday lunch was the remainder of the tuna/curry mix as a sandwich. Then because I had been reading everyone else’s fairly positive review of the meal replacement drink that had been included in our hamper I decided to try this out after work as my HUGE batch of spaghetti was boiling (I did finally get around to having my spaghetti and tomato sauce).

Saturday was cereal and toast at far too early in the morning, then I rounded up every possible snack that came in my hamper and another meal replacement drink, because I knew the day would be spent in my car – driving to the NW for a Global interview which was then changed to the Global studios, then to the Food Bank then around all the stations to catch up with volunteers, Husky station owners, etc. So it had to be food I could eat on the go.

Today I have been very tired and lazy, regular cereal breakfast, toast, some blueberry flax cookies, some fried plantains and spaghtetti tomato sauce again for early dinner.

What’s left . . . I have a few plantains still (although I think I managed to eat 4 all on my own today alone), still enough spaghtetti and tomato sauce for another dinner , potatoes, a can of beans, a can of tomato soup, a package of hot dogs (I started with two), some bread, some hamburger buns, 4 eggs, lettuce, a can of chicken, the box of oreo cookies (too dangerous to open), only a few of the blueberry flax cookies, still a lot of crackers, most of my pudding (I did eat another cotton candy pudding on the road yesterday) two tomatoes, a green pepper, some mushrooms, milk and cereal – so still a lot.

If I were to continue relying on my hamper, I would plan for; at least another dinner and a small lunch of spaghetti and sauce. the ratio of how much sauce to how much spaghetti is left is a little light on the sauce (a whole package of spaghetti is A LOT of meals for one person), but if it came down to it I would make the sauce stretch. There would be a few more meals of hot dogs; with hashbrowns and with beans. There’s enough cereal and milk for about 5 more breakfasts, I have three meal replacements drinks and soup for lunches, I could also make a fried tomato and egg sandwich and probably a couple of sandwichs made from the canned chicken, mixed with the curry sauce (same idea as with the tuna). By this time next week things would be running pretty short I would imagine. . . and I would be pretty light on the fruit/vegetable side of things.


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